Erections cause you to make STUPID decisions?

Is that true?

Well, take it from the scientists at MIT and Carnegie Mellon University.

They had men answer a survey both in a normal state and while masturbating to a high state of sexual arousal.

This was what they found…

When the men were aroused, they rated just about everything the scientists asked about as much more sexually attractive.

Lo and behold…

… that includes women’s shoes, the idea of a guy-guy-girl threesome, having sex with an extremely fat person, and even the smell of cigarette smoke.

At the same time, during masturbation the guys said they were willing engage in certain behaviors to get laid.

For example, it can be something as simple as telling a woman you love her, or the immoral act of intentionally getting her more drunk.

That doesn’t necessarily mean all guys think with their penis.

But being horny has more sway over your decisions that you probably realized.

Very much like how your decision making is impaired when you’re high on booze.

Does this mean you should shy away from having a hard-on? Or being aroused?


It just means you don’t make important decisions when your boner is in ‘lift-off’ mode 😉

Now, jokes aside…

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